Saturday, January 17, 2009

Severe nausea may (hopefully) be resolving

Isabella is now finishing day #8 of her 2nd chemo cycle, and hasn't eaten anything for 7 days. She seems to be pretty sensitive to the side effects of the chemo, often vomiting 6-10 times/day despite trying all types of anti-nausea medications. Over the last two days, the spontaneous vomiting has stopped, but she throws up any little bit that she tries to eat or drink. Finally tonight, she held down a ravioli, then a piece of watermelon (she has such little appetite that we are willing to obtain and feed her anything she wants). They still have IV fluids running to try to correct the electrolyte imbalances that have resulted (very low potassium). We keep saying, "She should be better tomorrow", but this time I think it might be true. The chemo has affected her taste buds, and she has been telling us that meat tastes funny, and sweet things are no longer appetizing. She bit a piece of pizza earlier and said it tasted "weird."

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