Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to Another Super Sib!

A couple years ago, we introduced you to one of the charities dedicated to pediatric cancers called Super Sibs when we wished Annalise a happy birthday.

Today, Isabella’s little brother, Nathaniel celebrates his 4th birthday.  Although he can be a pest sometimes, he loves his sisters.  I think the  best thing he does is he treats Isabella just like a normal kid – he’ll play with her, tease her, and pick on her, just like any little brother.

What is really sweet is that Isabella wanted to buy Nathaniel a birthday present with money that she got for her own birthday!  That is just one other way Isabella amazes us.

Here is Nathaniel with his brand new Super Sibs trophy and Toys R Us birthday balloon.


Nathaniel opens his gift with Isabella and Annalise.