Sunday, November 7, 2010

So Far, So Good

Well, so far, Isabella has been doing really well.  She hasn’t had any nausea yet, and she’s been eating pretty well.  Yesterday and today, we played a little baseball and today, we hung out at the mall for a couple hours and bought her a bunch of new clothes.  Isabella is feeling so good, in fact, that she wants to go to school tomorrow.  So we’re going to see how that goes, but we’re going to hang out close to home just in case she runs out of steam early and we have to bring her home.  She’ll also have a blood draw tomorrow to see how fast her blood counts are dropping so we’ll get an idea of when and if she’ll need a transfusion.

So, I’m gonna keep this brief, and hopefully, Isabella’s side effects remain nil.


Can you guess Isabella’s favorite color?


Look out, Grandma!


Grandpa being taken for a ride.