Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gifts from the Heart

As you could imagine, it could get pretty boring sitting in a hospital room all day if you don’t have anything to do.  After all, you could only watch so much TV.  Fortunately, the Child Life services at NYU Medical Center provide a myriad of activities to help keep the patients active and stimulated so that the kids don’t get bored.  Many of these activities and games are donated.

Our school’s PTO will be holding a toy/book drive over the next few weeks to donate to the NYU pediatric unit in Isabella’s name.   If you would like to donate something, please review the guidelines below and drop off or send your donation to:

Marvin School
15 Calf Pasture Beach Road
Norwalk, CT 06855

Dear Marvin Families,

Our Marvin PTO and staff are continuing to educate ourselves and support our Marvin families who are dealing with pediatric cancer.  Throughout the next several weeks, we will be having a toy/book drive with donations to be sent to the Pediatric Acute Care Unit at Tisch Hospital of NYU Medical Center in support of Isabella Icatar.  We will be collecting items with the following guidelines:

  • All donations must be in original packaging to protect patients from outside germs (no stuffed animals, please).
  • Infant and toddler toys like manipulatives, rattles, pop-ups, toys that make sounds, etc.
  • Arts and crafts materials including paper, washable markers, crayons, child scissors, colored pencils, glue sticks, craft kits.
  • Books for all ages, including board books for toddlers, and activity books.
  • Interactive board games, DVDs, audio books.

There is a collection box in the Marvin School office.  If you prefer, we will also accept monetary donations (made out to Marvin PTO) which we will use to purchase special supplies.

Thank you!