Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pet Therapy

Rusk has many forms of therapy available to the kids.  What’s funny is that for adults, therapy can be a burdensome chore, that they dread.  Here in the Pediatric Rehab, everything is pretty much playtime!  For occupational therapy for example, the kids can draw or use play dough, which helps improve their dexterity.  For recreational therapy, they may play the Wii, which improves their hand-eye coordination. One of the therapy sessions that Isabella particularly enjoys is Pet Therapy where a group called Pets for Patients brings in an animal that the kids play with.  Today, they brought a small pony for the kids to play with.  The pony was pretty hairy, and responded to commands like sit, and shake hands, and play fetch.  Pretty smart pony! :)



  1. Pretty sure that is a pony-sized dog...:)

  2. Sounds like someone needs to take a few more trips to Vermont, or at least to the suburbs!


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