Monday, September 7, 2009

All Home!

Finally after a long six weeks in Boston, everyone is home. There are no more scheduled treatments for Isabella. The only thing that is planned for now are a bunch of MRIs, with the next one in about 4 weeks. Although we've breathed a sigh of relief for the last treatment, we will still be apprehensive at that MRI to see if there are any cancer cells left. We've learned from the beginning to approach this with cautious optimism, and we will certainly do so for every MRI for the next couple of years at least.

It was 294 days ago when our lives were shattered when we learned of Isabella's tumor. I know that our lives will probably never be back to what it was on November 16 - that was the day when we went to My Three Sons and the kids rode a bunch of rides and won a bunch of tickets to claim for prizes. That was the day before a doctor came into the waiting room at Bridgeport Hospital and told us that there was a 10cm tumor that replaced a large portion of Isabella's brain.

Tomorrow, 295 days after that awful first day, we will try to start back with normal lives. I will go back to work and take my usual train into the city. Julianne will wait with Annalise and Isabella at the bus stop as they go off to school. I'll come home off the train and we'll all be able to have dinner at home together for the first time in a long time. Someone will cry about something, but soon, the controlled chaos will be back in our house.

And that'll be just fine by me.