Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post # 200 - Upcoming MRI

It's somehow fitting that the first post of the New Year is also post # 200 - or maybe it isn't.  Who knows? :)  Anyway, this upcoming Saturday, we have our next scheduled MRI for Isabella, with the results expected a few days later.  Of course we would be ecstatic if they told us that the remaining tumor cells have disappeared, but we'll settle for "stable".

We've read from many parents of brain tumor children that they're anxious at every MRI, and we certainly feel it ourselves.  For the next couple years, we'll be doing MRIs every three months, then eventually, it'll be every six months, then eventually after that, it'll be once a year.  You would think that it would be easier doing the MRIs less frequently, but some parents have responded that they actually have increased anxiety when there is more time in between MRIs!  I think I will fall into this camp.  I can't imagine having to wait a whole year to get an MRI - but I guess the bright side of that is that it will mean we are several years out and stable.  And in between each of those MRIs, we'll constantly be scrutinizing Isabella - every twitch, every headache, every ache, and every complaint will certainly have us racing.

By the way, as a reminder, we have been posting all of our family related stuff over on our main home page at http://www.icatar.com/.  You'll be able to see some great pictures and videos of Isabella and her siblings there.  We'll keep all of Isabella's treatment related stuff here.  Thanks for keeping up!