Monday, January 12, 2009

Nathaniel Helping at the Hospital

While at home, Nathaniel always manages to get to a broom and run around the house sweeping. We have no idea where he gets it from because I don't know if he's ever seen Julianne or me sweeping. :) Anyway, while visiting Isabella, one of the maintenance closets was opened and Nathaniel got a broom and got working! This video shows him running around the Pediatric floor cleaning up!


  1. omg thats sooo cute!! ♥ but i think he duz it becuz he sees la fely sweeping wen he is at her house

  2. The video was so amusing! This is the Filipino in Nathaniel; Lola Fely will be very proud. Thanks Teodora for the note.

    Roneil and Julianne,
    I truly admire your strength and thank you for keeping us informed. Your family has what it takes to get through these tough times. All the best to all and lots of hugs to Isabella, Annalise, and Nathaniel. I'm always praying for Isabella's full recovery.



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