Sunday, January 11, 2009

10,000 Hits for Isabella

Sometime today, someone read Isabella's Fight for the 10,000th time. It's very heartwarming and gratifying that so many people are still keeping up with us and that we're not going through all this alone. We're not even two months into this and it already feels like it's been forever - that our "old lives" are just distant memories. This fight is like running a marathon, and unfortunately we're not even half-way to the finish line yet. But to put things in perspective, there are other types of cancers where the patient goes through chemo for over 2 years - we'll be doing it for (hopefully) just 5-6 months. And even after it's over and if Isabella is cured, we will forever still be anxious at every twitch or every headache or every stumble that she has - that's just the nature of the disease. When we pass this marathon's finish line, we will have to just keep on running.


  1. Your friends, family, and complete strangers (like me) will all be praying and running with you and your family. The prayers are strong and Isabella will get better. God is watching over you all--never forget that!

  2. Thank you for posting the information and updates about Isabella. Even though we cannot help you with the practicalities we are praying as a family for your family and for Isabella's healing. Isabella is really missed by the children at Marvin and at Achieve, and we hope to see her soon.

  3. I continue to follow Isabella's updates and continue to pray for her and your family. Thank you for sharing so much.


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