Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayers for Another Child

Shortly after Isabella was diagnosed with her cancer, one of our neighbor’s children, who also happened to be in Isabella’s class, was also diagnosed with cancer – this one leukemia.  He went through his treatment and was showing that he was clear until his last scan, which showed his cancer had returned.  He will now require further treatment and probably a bone marrow transplant.  If none of his family members match, they will need to find a match in the national registry to find a matching donor.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to register to become a donor.  They will send you a kit, where all you need to do is swab your cheek and mail it back to them.  There are some restrictions to be eligible to be a donor, so if you don’t qualify, you can contribute monetarily (it costs $65 to process registrations).

You can register or get more information here:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Fun–10/10/10

Here are a couple recent pictures showing some fun that we’ve been having.  Enjoy!


The kids try out this tractor during our visit to the Norwalk Department of Public Works.P1030428

Another picture of the kids at the Norwalk DPW.


Roneil getting ready for the first game of the Yankees playoffs.  He’s wearing his Yankees hat, shirt, jacket, snuggie, foam finger, shopping bag, and coffee mug.


Annalise is pretty upset that all the Yankees ice cream is gone! Sad smile


The kids had their own sleepover party last night.


Isabella shows off a new hand-made shawl from a friend.


The kids enjoy treats from apple picking.  We actually brought a portable scale to the orchard so that we can weigh the apple that Isabella ate.  (By the way, the apple Isabella ate was 104g and 12g of carbs.)P1030476

From the odd and bizarre file.  This half eaten apple was still on the tree!


The kids pick out their pumpkin to prepare for Halloween.