Saturday, August 22, 2009

Radiation Week 4 Finished

On Friday, Isabella completed her fourth week of radiation therapy. She still feels great and is acting like her usual self. We are beginning to see some physical effects of the radiation, namely, some redness on the left side of her head where the radiation is being applied. In addition, the hair that is growing on the left side of her head is noticably thinner and has a couple bald spots. Truthfully, we're absolutely fine with these side effects because her hair wasn't even supposed to grow back for a couple more months. The fact that her hair even started growing back so soon is another sign of her recovery.

Everyone is also back home in CT for the weekend to celebrate Nathaniel's 2nd birthday! They'll be going back to Boston on Sunday so we don't have that much time together. It is pretty lonely at home alone while everyone is in Boston. Although to an outsider, our home on a normal day may seem like complete and utter chaos, but without it, the house is just an empty shell. I can't wait for another two weeks when the treatments are done and we'll all be home together.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Geeky or Cool?

MSNBC recently ran an article on geeky tattoos.  It’s amazing what some people are willing to put on their bodies.  While I look at some and say “Wow!”, others make me question how that person will feel about their tattoo when they are 50!  My favorite one (being the geek that I am) is the one with the pi symbol made up of binary digits, but I also thought this one was interesting.

image From the description, this is “Radiation breaking double helix DNA.  This is the basis of radiation therapy for cancer patients.  More nerdy than geeky I guess!  I am a medical physicist.” Submitted by Jonathan Rogers.