Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12 Update

Isabella had a pretty rough Sunday.  She already began feeling the effects of the chemo from Saturday and didn't have much of an appettite.  She was also feeling weak, so we didn't do much except for sit in bed and play with her Leap Pad (a children's computer).  Later in the afternoon, she developed a slight fever, which made her feel yuckier.  They administered her carboplatin with no problems, but when it came to the temodar, she refused to take it.  We were surprised because she had taken the temodar so quickly the day before.  We finally were able to get her to take the temodar, but with great effort.

They also drew her blood to run tests and gave her some antibiotics and Tylenol to get her fever down, which had spiked to 101.5.

So, unfortunately, this will delay her move back to Rusk, so we'll be here for a little bit more.

Right now, Isabella is actually feeling a little better.  She atIMG_0750e a little bit (but threw it up a little later), and is now playing a game with Julianne.  Also amazingly, her right hand continues to gain more flexibility.  Although she is able to close her hand, it is difficult for her to open her hand (especially Mr. Thumb, as we like to call him).  But today, she is able to hold her right hand wide open, including Mr. Thumb, and give me a high five!


  1. I am so glad so see Isabella happy...
    I will continue to pray for her speedy recovery.

  2. Roneil and Julianne you are both caring and devoted parents. I know and feel what you both are going through. Your sacrifices will be rewarded. I will also pray so God will always give both of you the strength, courage and endurance and good health. I am really proud of both you....

  3. Isabella, the baseball season starts soon, better start practicing those home run handshakes with daddy! I hope you are feeling less yucky tomorrow!


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