Sunday, January 11, 2009

How do WE do it?

A lot of people ask how we manage to handle everything going on. In addition to having at least either myself or Julianne at the hospital at all times, we still have two kids at home that we need to take care of. It doesn't help that we live in Connecticut, and to get to the hospital is typically an hour each way. Sometimes we drive in, but most of the time, we take the train in. Since NYU is just a few blocks from Grand Central Station, it's not a bad walk (except for those days that are really cold and windy!) Since I work in New York City, I have a monthly pass, so there is no additional cost for me to take the train - plus my office is only a couple blocks from the hospital, so it's really convenient for me to walk to the hospital during lunch or after work. Julianne's boss gave her a generous gift of some train passes to help defray the cost of Julianne taking the train.

At home, we usually have some family helping out with the kids while one of us is either going into the city or coming home. On days when I am home, I get Annalise on the bus then jump on the train with Nathaniel. I take him to the Stamford train station where my mom picks him up, then I jump on the next train into the city. Someone is usually home to pick up Annalise from the bus stop after school, then either Julianne or I will be home around dinner time to finish up the day with the kids. Usually we take 2 day shifts at the hospital, because when we were doing every other day, it felt like we were getting no time at home and it was really exhausting.

It should get easier once Isabella is done with her inpatient rehab at Rusk. We're hoping that she will be able to move from inpatient at Rusk and go home and just do outpatient therapy. This will be a lot easier on us and at least we'll all be home together. We don't have a definitive date yet on when she'll be done with therapy, but hopefully, it will be within two or three weeks. As long as she doesn't have any medical setbacks and can get a good two or three weeks of therapy straight through, we should be able to go home.

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