Monday, December 15, 2008

Touching Moments

Isabella wrote a letter today:
“Dear family, when are you going to come and see me? I hope you come soon. (Heart, heart, heart) Isabella.”

The letter is really meant for her sister and brother. It was heartbreaking to read this, but it’s really difficult for Annalise and Nathaniel to visit more often. They were just here yesterday, but it’ll be another week before they are likely to visit again. Weekends seem like the only reasonable time to drag everyone in on the train and not feel guilty about getting home so late.

Tonight she asked when she was going to go home. I gave her the usual answer, “When your right arm and leg start working better.” Then I reminded her that we’re supposed to go back to rehab tomorrow morning. When she said, “That’s what I meant,” I realized that she’s now calling Rusk home.


  1. Hi, Julianne & Roneil!
    We met your whole family twice in your aunt, Nita Simmons' house. The latest encounter was last Halloween night after their "trick or treat" escapade. We're your mom Fely, and Aunt Nita's new fishing buddies.

    We've been following Isabella's progress and always including your family especially Isabella in our daily prayers.

    Lito & Annie

  2. Hi Isabella!!!
    Me and Bella miss you!! i'm not sure if you remember her or if you are even aware of who she is but she is my cousin. She made a card for you and got all of her friends at her school to sign it! She also bought you a stuffed animal. I really hope she and i can visit you soon!!!


    P.S. Did u get my card? i sent it to your house but i don't know if it got to you


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