Friday, December 19, 2008

First Cycle Complete!

We just finished giving Isabella her last dose of Temodar and she really didn't make it easy. She threw up the first batch that she got, and fortunately, the hospital pharmacy was able to make her a second batch. With lots of patience and water, we were finally able to give her the entire batch with small squirts from the syringe (approximately 0.25 to 0.5 cc's per squirt). We had started with the first batch at 9:20 PM and she took the last squirt at 11:00 PM.

Earlier, they gave her the vincristine, and that went uneventfully as they just pushed it through the port in her chest. They also removed the access from the port, so she no longer has any tubes dangling from her. They'll have to re-access the port next week when she has another vincristine dose.

So round 1 is complete and we just hope that these drugs are doing what they have to be doing and that whatever is left of the tumor is reacting to the drugs.

We also just found out from the attending physician that they will allow Isabella to come home on a day pass on Sunday! We can't wait to have her home, even if it will just be for a day.

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