Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Cycle of Chemo

Isabella sailed through her first cycle of chemo. She had a dose of vincristine IV push, then a carboplatin infusion over 4 hours both days. For 5 days she’ll also take an oral med, Temodar, that has to be on an empty stomach, can only be crushed and mixed with water, and reportedly tastes horrible. She complains and cries about the oral med, but does take it because I’ve told her how important it is in helping her get better. She’s scheduled to get another dose of vincristine on days 7 and 14 as an outpatient.

Her only complaint was a tummy ache at times. And she really didn’t eat very well on the second day. But at least there was no vomiting. The doctor said in about 2-3 weeks we’ll start to notice some hair falling out, and then it all comes out within a couple of days. I haven’t warned her about it yet – I’m not sure how she’s going to react. (She might not mind - no more crying about combing out the tangles every morning for a while! And I can pull out some really cute hats that I have collected through the years if she wants.)

She really is used to hospital stuff at this point. When the nursing assistants come in, she offers them her arm for a blood pressure check, and then holds her hair aside for them when they check her temp (they use a temporal artery gauge). Her port is no longer so sore, and she even lifts up her shirt to help the nurse check to see if it flushes correctly in a nice, matter-of-fact way. Wow, all of this from a kid who used to refuse to take Tylenol!

She seemed to do well with the inpatient stay this time, too. She spent most of the morning in the playroom. A group “Bryan’s Dream” donated gifts to the kids today and she got this gorgeous soft yellow and orange flowered blanket. She was so happy with it that she had it wrapped around herself most of the evening while we watched TV.

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