Friday, December 19, 2008

Things I Miss (Daddy Version)

I miss...

...coming home off the train and having the kids race over to see who could give me a hug first.

...going to Friendly's and "helping" the kids finish their desserts.

...sleeping in on Saturday mornings, only to wake up being crowded out of bed by all 3 kids (and the cat!).

...doing a triple-piggy-back with Annalise on my back, Isabella on Annalise's back, and Nathaniel on Isabella's back.

...finding Isabella sleeping in unique, precarious positions all over the house. My favorite is still when she fell asleep in bed with a book on her face!

...wrangling up the kids to go shopping at Costco or the mall. Of course, once we get to Costco, filling up on all the food samples.

...doing our "home-run handshake" whenever anyone on the Yankees hit a home run.

...going to Dave and Busters and spending $20 to win tickets on the arcade games. Annalise and Isabella would then spend 30 minutes trying to pick out a prize worth $0.50.

...being a good, ol' regular boring family...


  1. She is her mother's child. I love the pictures.

  2. Dear Isabella,

    My name is Barbara (or Tita Barbie) and I knew your dad when he was a little boy. I went to his wedding and met your mom. You were a twinkle in your mommy's eyes then. Now, your daddy is a big boy and has a beautiful little girl who is very special. We have not met but as soon as you start feeling better I would like to meet you. I'll be thinking about you. Merry Christmas and give my love to your mommy and daddy, Annalise and Nathaniel, and lola.

    Lots of hugs and kisses,
    Tita Barbie


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