Monday, November 24, 2008

What a Week

[Editors Note: I am going to send out a quick update and backfill the details from the previous days, as I am sure people would like to see how Isabella is doing. Be sure to check below when I add some posts from previous days.]

It is now just past 5:30 PM on Monday, November 24. Exactly one week ago, our lives were thrown for a giant loop when we found a massive tumor in Isabella's head. It seems like a million years ago, and yet, it seems just like yesterday. We've had more ups and downs than a roller coaster, but right now, we seem to be cruising right along.

Physically, Isabella's recovery has been amazing. She's been eating and drinking great and been talking a chatting up a storm. Her right arm and leg are still weak, but she can move them a little and she can wiggle her fingers and toes which is a great sign. Unfortunately, Isabella is stubborn for the physical therapist who tried to work with her which could delay her full recovery. Surprisingly, when the pediatric rehab physician stopped by, Isabella was able to raise her right arm straight above her head and stretch out her fingers (even though she says it hurt a little). She was also able to stretch out her right leg and earlier took a few steps on her own.

As far as what's left of the tumor, we still have not heard back the pathology results. So we're still in limbo as far as that is concerned. But as the doctor suggested, there's no need to worry now, but what we do know is that Isabella is getting back to her normal self. And that in itself is enough to make us smile.

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