Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Off to Rehab

Isabella was just discharged from the Pediatric floor and is in inpatient rehab in the Rusk building. This building is adjoining the Tisch building where we were staying.

The rehab regimen here sounds pretty intense and very structured. They have set times for when they will do physical therapy, occupational therapy, and if necessary, speech therapy. Although to be honest, she's been talking fine. They also have teachers from the Board of Ed to keep the brain sharp. They have stuff scheduled from 9 until 4.

Isabella has continued to improve. She can now pick up a chicken nugget with her right hand and feed herself. Although it takes a litlle effort, she couldn't even move her arm a week ago. Everyone here is still amazed at the progress she's making. One nurse commented that she has never seen someone recover so quickly in her 17 years! Wait till the teachers find out she can already read!


  1. Hey Cuz,
    I am so glad to hear Isabella improving.We will continue to pray and as always we send our love to Isabella. We love you all and if there is anything we can do please let us know.it is wonderful to see her smile!


  2. Get well soon, it is almost baseball season again and I am looking forward to some more of those homerun handshakes with your dad. I hope to see you in Vermont soon.


  3. hii Isabella :]

    this is veronica fernandes. a friend of your cousin , gabby m. [ bella ] . and i just wanted to pass by and say hi , and see how your doing :] . i hope you get better soon.

    - love,

  4. heyyy isabella")

    i cant wait to see you and im so extatic to hear that you are recovering well as you see one of my close friends vii [veronicaa] and many of my other friends hope that you feel better soon (;
    i hope you and your family had a great thanksgiving and plan to visit you with teodora ninang tess my mom [jenn] and i. I love you forever and always

    ~bellaaa~ =) <333 ") :D :p

  5. I'm happy to hear she's progressing exceptionally well in her recovery! The pictures are great. We all continue to pray for Isabella and your family!

    God Bless,

    Cynthia Castro


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