Sunday, November 23, 2008

Isabella Makes Incredible Progress

Over this past weekend, Isabella has made some incredible progress physically. Immediately after the surgery, she wasn't able to move her right arm or right leg at all, although she could wiggle her fingers and toes a little with some effort. But over the last couple days, Isabella has been moving her right arm and leg and stretching out her fingers. She's still favoring her left side heavily, but we're trying to encourage her to use her right side to build strength. She has also been drinking and eating very well which will contribute to her growing strength.

Just tonight, I was talking in the hallway with another parent. When I looked over at her bed, I noticed that Isabella had climbed out of bed on her own and took a couple steps towards me. Her right leg finally gave out because it was so weak and she fell on her bottom, but we were both extremely excited that she had tried to walk. Her smile was from ear to ear! It turns out that Isabella had to go to the bathroom, which is why she got out of bed, so I guess we just have to find the proper motiviation for her!

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