Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meeting with the Oncologist

Isabella is beginning to adjust to her new surroundings in rehab. She started out cranky at having to move to yet another location, by not cooperating with the therapists. Finally in the afternoon, she began to adjust and started participating in activities. She got a little cranky late in the day, but that could be because she didn't get a lot of sleep being in a new place and all.

Julianne and I met with the oncologist, who will be treating Isabella. Although they still don't have the final pathology, they show a number of different cancer cells in her tumor, with some of them being aggressive gliomas. This was pretty much our worst nightmare.

We hope to start an aggressive chemotherapy treatment within the next week or two that will last 5 cycles over the course of the next 5-6 months. Over that time, we will have several MRI's taken to track how well what's left of the tumor is reacting to the chemo and hopefully, at the end of the cycles, there will be nothing left.

We know that the prognosis for malignant gliomas are generally not good, but the oncologist pointed out to us that they are still treating this to cure the cancer and not just prolong the inevitable. The next several months are going to be very difficult for us. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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  1. This was certainly not the news that we wanted to hear, bro/sis. But what is, when something like this happens. The only thing I know is that Isabella has already shown us that miracles do happen, even when times seem darkest! At least she's in the best possible care right now, and she's got all of the Tri-State area behind her! I know that we haven't been through what she has, but she comes from a pretty stubborn line of Icatar's and Yantachka's that never seem to quit! I don't think I can say anything to make it better, I'm just pointing out things that I have seen and know as the truth.

    Isabella's rebound from the surgery to this point has been inspiring, and I am beginning to realize just how much I love her and all of the family. Seeing how much life Isabella has and the love between you and Juianne with her, gives me more than just faith. I believe in her, and in you, and in Julianne. I wish there were more that I can do - and if there is; if there is anything you need (or even might need) - you know that I will be here without hesistation.

    Isabella, I love you (a whole lot)! Like more than a ton! Way more! I hope that you love Super Teddy, because told me that he loves you a lot too! And he's always prayig for you to feel better soon!

    You bro and Tito,


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