Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Part 2

Julianne, her dad, Annalise and Nathaniel came down to the hospital so that we can all spend Thanksgiving together. The rehab floor had a ton of food with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. As soon as Isabella saw Annalise and Nathaniel, she immediately lit up and couldn't stop smiling (except of course when we took pictures of her!) We played, ate, and laughed. For the first time in over a week, our family was together and even though we were in the hospital, we felt normal.

And you can definitely tell the difference with Isabella. She wasn't cranky and didn't complain with her therapy. Annalise even accompanied her to one of her therapy sessions and Isabella loved having her sister around. Here are some pictures from our day.

All the kids on the Pediatric Rehab floor gather around the table in the playroom for Thanksgiving dinner.

Isabella loved having her sister around and could not stop smiling as they played all afternoon.

Nathaniel apparently thought that the foot rests on Isabella's wheelchair were made just for him. No matter where Isabella was, Nathaniel would try to sit or stand on the footrests. Here, Isabella tries to eat at the table, but Nathaniel goes ahead and grabs a seat.

Even though our family was together for only a couple hours, we had a ton of fun. Since Isabella refused to smile for posed pictures, we all put on our best grumpy faces for this picture....except for Julianne....


  1. Nathaniel "taking over" the wheelchair foot rests is adorable! I am so happy that you all spent time together on Thanksgiving. And I can't decide who is grumpier (in the last picture) Annalise or Isabella - they both "do" grumpy very well!!:) ~Erin

  2. hi Isabella!you're cousins here in the Philippines are wishing for your speedy recovery.we all know that you can make it! you already survived the surgery.after they have read your dads story they all gathered and say some prayers for you..take care little darling.i want to see some smiles on your next picture

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