Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Family Picture, Continued

You may have read about our family picture in the blog entry Our Family Picture. We were desperately trying to find a photographer who would be able to come to the hospital and take our picture before Isabella begins her chemotherapy this week. Julianne did a quick search of the area on the Internet and found Shira Weinberger. Julianne told her about our situation and Shira was immediately touched and offered to come down and do a photo shoot at no charge.

So on Sunday, we all got dressed up in our Christmas outfits and Shira, who happens to live just a few blocks from the hospital, came down and shot a whole bunch of pictures. And it wasn't easy! Isabella decided to be at her grumpiest, and frankly, I was just about to give up on the whole idea. But somehow after 20 minutes or so, Shira was able to get Isabella to relax so we can get some good pictures.

Shira has already posted a slideshow on her website at:

We can't thank Shira enough for her incredible generosity and patience. Please visit her website at and drop her a message to thank her for her amazing display of compassion.


  1. What a beautiful slideshow! Amazingly shot and compiled. And the song fits perfectly! Where did that come from? Thank you, Ms. Weinberger, for a really beautiful gift.
    Mike Yantachka, Isabella's Grandpa

  2. Beautiful and touching images - the subjects as well as the love captured.

  3. aww my favorite picture is the 14th 1 in black and white! ♥

  4. You all look awesome, I hope one of these ends up on the Christmas card!

    Snowy kisses and hugs from Vermont.

  5. We saw the beautiful pictures!!
    We were touched by your story and by your amazing isabella.
    We wish and hope that your way to isabella recovery will be fast and painless.
    wish you all the best!!

  6. Great pictures. Beautiful family!
    Isabella and your family will be in my family's prayers.
    Doug Nicholls, Arizona

  7. so happy to see the family picture - with all of Isabella's beautiful hair - lots of prayers and good thoughts - corey (bpt - pedi)


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