Friday, June 5, 2009


So after almost 3 hours of the worst traffic that NYC and I-95 could throw at us (the rain certainly didn't help), Isabella is now home! And just in time for us to enjoy what is predicted to be a terrific weekend weather-wise.

And if you thought Isabella had a big smile in the picture below, you should have seen her smile when she walked through the door!

Since Isabella is still immuno-compromised, we have no plans for this weekend (except for a baseball game for me). So we'll just do a lot of nothing and enjoying the sun.



    Your weekend plans sound perfect! Sunshine and relaxation is just what Dr Erin has ordered for herself for today (Saturday) too! But if you wanted to hit a little Rock Band then I think that would be just fine...:) ~Erin

  2. So happy to hear that you are home--hoping that Isabella continues to do so well. Also oraying that the next MRI (not sure when that is) shows the tumor is GONE! Enjoy and be happy!

  3. Thinking of you all--hoping Isabella might be abel to go to school and enjoy her classmates before school gets out for the year. Love and prayers coming your way.

  4. Thinking of you guys--hoping you had a quiet week home. Hugs and kisses to Isabella. Please send us a update when you can.

  5. Hey!! You've been home for 1 week +.... What have you all been up to?!!?! ~E

  6. SO good to see isabella at the game, glad you are all home together
    With love


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