Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bunch of Updates

So we've had a nice and quiet week at home. Isabella has been doing very well. I've been going to work and Annalise is finishing up the school year. Because of the stem cell transplant, Isabella's immunity system will be compromised for a few months, and they suggest we stay isolated for at least the first month. They will gradually get less strict as time goes on, but this means that Isabella will not be able to go to school again until the fall. So since there's not much new stuff to report, I thought I'd post stuff that I meant to post a while ago, but since I didn't get the chance, will put them all together now.


This is Isabella at the last day of school.  This is the attendance board where each of the kids put their pictures in the “At School” or “At Home” sections.

100_0794Here Annalise and Isabella show off their artwork at the school art show.  The first one shows Annalise and Isabella under Annalise’s painting called “Stormy Mountains”.  The second shows Isabella’s drawing.

 100_0797100_0798  While at the hospital, we decorated Isabella’s wall with lots of her drawings and other art work.  If you zoom into the picture, you can see a picture that Isabella’s classmates made for her, some mosaic tiles of fairies, and a bunch of bunnies.  The calendar shows a different drawing each day showing Isabella in her treatments.100_0843

Finally, here are the kids enjoying a nice warm day with some bubbles!

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  1. Thank youso much for the updates.....wishing you all tranquilty. Know that I pray for Isabella every day and am certain tha her next MRI will provide good news. Keeo your faith and enjoy your family


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