Saturday, January 21, 2012

UPDATED: A Trip of Hope

As I type this, Julianne is somewhere over the Atlantic on her way to Hungary.  I'll let that sink in a little bit.  Yes, I said Budapest, Hungary.  She is on her way there to pick up some experimental treatment for Isabella that is not currently available in the United States.  As I mentioned a couple days ago, I don't think traditional medicine has much more to offer us and Julianne has been researching all sorts of other treatments that have shown promise in other parts of the world.  This particular treatment she is on the way to get has shown remarkable progress in treating cancers and although it has been used in a limited number of brain tumors, almost 50% of those treated have shown significant response. Two days ago, we decided that it was worth a shot and planned the entire trip then.

Obviously, there are a bunch of risks involved with this, but when you are placed in a desperate situation, you weigh your risks and outcomes.  For instance, we don't have the safety net of the FDA or a set of clinical trials to validate the claims of the medicine or the luxury of insurance covering the cost.  Heck, we don't even know if the medicine we receive will be nothing but tap water.  But that's where we are.

At least we still have a little bit of hope to cling to.

UPDATE (1/22, 6:30pm ET)
Julianne arrived safely in Budapest and has already met with the doctor to ask questions and stuff.  He will be delivering the medicine to Julianne tomorrow night and she will fly out the following morning.  Julianne should be home Tuesday afternoon.  Thanks to all who've checked in.  We know chances are still slim that this will do anything, but as they say, some hope is better than no hope.


  1. I really hope the treatment works. Praying for you guys!

  2. Good luck! Here's to hope. The determination to keep going is there with Isabella and reflects in her parents.


  3. Hey,
    I've been thinking about you all a lot lately....keeping Isabella in my thoughts and prayers. I'm so glad to hear Julianne is making the trip for this special treatment. It makes sense to try anything that could work for her.
    Wishing you the best.

  4. God be with you, Julianne. I will be praying continuously for a safe and fruitful fulfillment of this quest.

  5. As always our family continues to check the blog--hoping and praying for Isabella and your family. Keep believing, keep praying, and keep your faith. You are an amazing family!! Thanks for keeping us posted. The Marvin family is behind you 1000%!!

    Keep fighting Isabella!

  6. Thank God for Julianne's gift of medicine and her maternal love. You are wonderful people and I am praying with you for a great result!!!
    God bless Isabella for strength. Thank you for your continual postings Roneil - God bless you! Pat Postiglione


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