Sunday, March 13, 2011

Isabella Expresses Herself!

Today, one of Isabella’s drawings that she worked on while at the hospital was on display during the Express Yourself art exhibit.  The exhibit is for children who suffer from chronic or life threatening illnesses the chance to have an outlet.  In addition to art and drawings, children were able to sing, dance, recite poetry, and play instruments.  It was truly inspirational to watch these kids, most of whom have only known suffering for most of their lives, to be able to display their creativity.  Isabella was really excited to see her art work on display.  Here are some pictures.


There were several dozens works of art on display at the exhibit.


Isabella stands proudly beneath her piece of work.


Here is a close-up of Isabella’s work, “The Rainbow House”.


Here’s a shot of when they were showing all the kids’ work as a slideshow to the whole room.

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