Monday, October 11, 2010

Prayers for Another Child

Shortly after Isabella was diagnosed with her cancer, one of our neighbor’s children, who also happened to be in Isabella’s class, was also diagnosed with cancer – this one leukemia.  He went through his treatment and was showing that he was clear until his last scan, which showed his cancer had returned.  He will now require further treatment and probably a bone marrow transplant.  If none of his family members match, they will need to find a match in the national registry to find a matching donor.

If you haven’t already, I urge you to register to become a donor.  They will send you a kit, where all you need to do is swab your cheek and mail it back to them.  There are some restrictions to be eligible to be a donor, so if you don’t qualify, you can contribute monetarily (it costs $65 to process registrations).

You can register or get more information here:


  1. Keeping both childrenand families in our prayers.

    Do you think there is any environmental cooralation between the two kids getting sick? Is there a way to look into that??

  2. @Anonymous: Just do a quick search on "pediatric cancer cluster" to see that environmental factors sometimes do play a part in sick children.


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