Monday, August 17, 2009

Geeky or Cool?

MSNBC recently ran an article on geeky tattoos.  It’s amazing what some people are willing to put on their bodies.  While I look at some and say “Wow!”, others make me question how that person will feel about their tattoo when they are 50!  My favorite one (being the geek that I am) is the one with the pi symbol made up of binary digits, but I also thought this one was interesting.

image From the description, this is “Radiation breaking double helix DNA.  This is the basis of radiation therapy for cancer patients.  More nerdy than geeky I guess!  I am a medical physicist.” Submitted by Jonathan Rogers.


  1. I would worry more about what the tattoo would look like when the person is 50...from what I have seen, tattoos don't look the same after a few years. Are you planning a tattoo? ~E

  2. My tolerance for pain has gone down over the years, so that would be a no on getting a tattoo. ;)


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