Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Home Today!

Isabella's white cell counts are high enough that she will be discharged from the hospital and going home today! Her platelets count is still low so she will get "topped off" before going home. Platelets are usually the last of the blood cells to recover from chemotherapy. This comes just in time for us to be able to enjoy the summer-like weather that we will have in CT where it is expected to be in the 70s and 80s all weekend!

Below are a couple pictures I've taken over the last week. They were taken with a cell phone, so they are a little grainy.

If you zoom into this picture of Isabella, you'll see that her hair is actually starting to grow back. It'll probably fall out again during the next chemo cycle, but we're curious to see if her hair grows back differently.

Remember way back when and Isabella wouldn't smile for any pictures? Here she is with Daddy with a nice big smile! I took this one myself, so it's a little blurry, but if you zoom in, you will also see that Isabella's two lower teeth that fell out are starting to grow back in.

And finally, isn't technology great? This picture shows Isabella in a video chat with Annalise. Even though Annalise and Nathaniel can't be here at the hospital, they can both still see her over the Internet through our web cameras. The kids have fun with the special effects that they apply to the picture and you can see Annalise put herself into a heart.


  1. Hi Isabella,
    Your pals on your dad's baseball team are delighted you are coming home--we are looking forward to racing you soon. we even got a few new guys who are faster than me and may be able to give you a better race.

    we look forward to seeing you out there soon


  2. Thinking of Isabella and hoping she is enjoying her time home and can enjoy this beautiful weather with her family. Prayers are continuing to come her way.

  3. Hi, Isabella. I hope we can see you soon on the webcam. Ours is set up now, so we can talk and see each other.

  4. Thinking of you and hoping that you feel good. Lots of love and hugs coming to you from so many of us. Keep strong and know that Jesus is with you.


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