Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chemo Cycle 5 Details

We finally got some details for Isabella's final cycle of chemotherapy. Cycle 5 is completely different from the first four cycles. This cycle begins with 3 days of carboplatin, followed by 3 days of thiotepa. Thiotepa is another anti-cancer drug that we have not used on Isabella yet. Due to the intense dosages that will be given over these 6 days, we will then reinject Isabella with her own stem cells that we collected from the previous cycles. The stem cells will help with the regeneration of her bone marrow and blood cells. Right now, we are scheduled to begin on May 13, when the port in her chest will be replaced with another type of access. On May 14 (a.k.a. Day -8), we will begin with the first dose of carboplatin. After the last dose of thiotepa on Day -3, there will be a two day wait. Then on Friday, May 22, Day 0, we will do the stem cell transplant.

The doctors estimate that it could take from 10-14 days for her counts to begin to recover (roughly around Day 11), during which we will be in isolation in the hospital room. Isolation means that we will have the room to ourselves (no roommates) and they will completely sanitize the room before we occupy. In addition, during the isolation period, all visitors will be required to wear gloves and masks while in the room.

But for now, Isabella is enjoying life at home. She will be continuing with school this week and next week. Last night, we enjoyed 31cent scoop night at Baskin and Robbins. And finally, she'll be able to watch her dad play some baseball a couple times before we have to go back to the hospital!


  1. thanks for the updates. I have been thinking of Isabella a lot lately and am glad to hear that she is living a regular life. Prayers will continue for Isabella. Please let us know if we can do anything for her or your family. Post any needs that we can help with--there are so many of us who would love to help.

  2. Thinking of Isabella--send us some new updates when you can. I hope she is doing well. Is she going to school?


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