Monday, March 2, 2009

Isabella's Doing Better

Isabella is doing much better since she's been admitted to the hospital. Her blood cultures turned out positive, so she does have some sort of infection that they are now treating with antibiotics. This means she could be here in the hospital for another 2 weeks (yuck!). But her fevers are gone and she's been acting fine.

Also, amazingly, she has started writing with her right hand again! Up till now, she had been using her right hand more and more to do things, but she hadn't written with it since she got sick. But yesterday, out of the blue, she just started writing with her right hand! So now, she can write with both her right hand and her left hand.

She also just stopped the modified Atkins diet. We estimate she was in ketosis for about 11-12 days. We don't know if it really did anything to affect the cancer cells, but we're hoping that there may be an additive effect with the chemo and the diet. Since she wasn't eating because of the chemo, this was the time to try it. We may give it another try during the next cycle of chemo. What made it difficult this time around was that she wasn't used to a lot of the food (especially the eggs and cream) and her lack of appetite. Before the next cycle, we're going to try and get her to like eggs and bacon and all the good stuff that make up the diet.

So Julianne and I are back to doing the hospital duty switches. It doesn't help that we had a foot of snow in CT today, so the trains are a mess. Shouldn't it be Spring soon?


  1. So glad to hear that Isabella is doing better.....thank you for the updates and remember you have many people praying for all of you.

  2. Can you use sugar-free pancake mix and then use 2 pancakes to make an egg and bacon sandwich? Sounds good to me! ~Erin

  3. erin, isn't that basically a McGriddle without the infused syrup? I love those! ;)

  4. Exactly Roneil! And there is sugar-free syrup BUT I don't know how tasty it would be but maybe worth a try. I just thought that maybe if the food you were trying to get Isabella to eat was FUN then she might be more willing to gobble down a bite to try. (I love the McGriddles too!) ~Erin

  5. Nothing like a foot of snow to make one think of baseball ! please tell Isabella there are only 50 days to her dad's opening day and she needs to be ready to race me before the game I am getting faster and hope to give her a good race this year!



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