Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wednesday Update – February 18

Isabella has been home for a couple days now and she’s constantly on the brink of having to go back to the hospital.  The other day, her temperature rose to over 100 for a few hours, even though she was acting normal.  We gave her some Tylenol which helped reduce her fever and her temperature has been fine since.  Also, I mentioned that we need to make sure that she is being hydrated sufficiently.  We have to measure her urine output every few hours and if she doesn’t urinate a certain amount, we’re supposed to contact the children’s clinic so that we can bring her in and be given fluids through IV.  But every time at the last minute, she manages to pee just enough that we don’t have to bring her in!

Today is also Day 5 of the chemo cycle and she took her last dose of Temodar, which are the pills.  After the first day when she took the pills like a champ, the last 4 days were a little more difficult.  On Day 2, she started feeling more nauseous, so she didn’t want to eat or drink or take anything orally, so we really had to work at getting her to take her pills.  It was tough, but she did it.  As a reward for taking her pills, we setup a new Wii that my friends at my office bought for her.  She’s felt pretty crummy over the last few days, but the Wii is definitely something that will cheer her up for many days to come!


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  1. I'm so glad she's able to enjoy the Wii. I get great nachas (sorry, Yiddish expresses it so much better than English) knowing that I was able to contribute her happiness.

    Tom Lebovic


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