Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Difficult Week Ends Better

The chemo hit Isabella pretty hard for most of the week. She was very nauseous most of the week and did not want to eat or drink anything, which caused her to be very lethargic. We were getting pretty worried about her last night and were trying to force her to eat or drink anything. This would cause her cry and get so worked up that she would then immediately throw anything up.

Fortunately, we had an appointment today to go into Hassenfeld children's clinic at NYU to get another chemo treatment (Vincristine). This is given as a quick push through her port. While at the clinic, they gave her IV fluids, which immediately perked her up and gave her energy. It was like she was a new kid. But they are still worried about her weight loss, so we have another appointment on Monday.

Once we got home, Isabella had an apettite and asked to eat different things and has also been drinking pretty well. Her stomach is still bugging her and she threw up a little, but at least she is willing to eat. We expect her to really start eating and to be able to keep everything down soon.

Annalise, who has been with her grandparents all week up in Vermont, comes back home tomorrow. This should cheer Isabella up some more and we expect to have more Wii time.


  1. I hope Annalise had a nice visit in Vermont! I wish I had known she was up here...I would have loved to see her. I'm sure her grandparents loved having her with them!! ~Erin

  2. Julianne and Family,
    I just learned that you're going thru some tough times and I just want to let you know that I have all of you in my prayers. If you need anything from me, just let me know!!

    God Bless you All!!



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