Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Timing is Everything

I think we picked the absolutely most perfect week to be home with Isabella. Here in Connecticut, we are enjoying above average temperatures, mainly in the 50s all week and touching the 60s today. We've been able to take walks outside and go to the park and play at the playgrounds. Isabella has been riding on everything from the slides to the swings and even the monkey bars. Today, she even played a little soccer in our backyard. A couple weeks ago, she wasn't able to throw a ball because she wasn't able to open her hand quick enough to release the ball. But we've been having catches over the last few days and she's been throwing with little problems. Of course when it gets dark and cold outside, we settle in with our "music therapy", otherwise known as "Rock Band"!

We go back to the hospital on Saturday to continue with her chemotherapy, and the temperatures will again dip towards the freezing mark. We are hopeful that we are done with the long stays at the hospital and hope to be back home by next weekend.


  1. We have been keeping Isabella and your family in our prayers everyday. I am so glad that you have this time together this week, enjoy every minute.

  2. I know you are having a wonderful week together! Sending you all love and prayers- Ken's Mom

  3. May god give you and your family all the strength and courage you need to get through this trying time. enjoy your time off with your beautiful family.


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