Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whole Lotta Nuthin’ Goin’ On

IMG_0797 The last few days have been pretty uneventful.  Although Isabella has been feeling fine, eating and drinking fine, her blood counts remain low, so they're keeping her on the Pediatric floor.  She also continues to improve movement in her right hand and is using it more and more.  Her walking is almost normal now, and she only has a slight limp.  Amazing since she hasn't been at Rusk in almost two weeks, and she only receives limited therapy (maybe 30-60 minutes a day) in her room.   And because of her low blood count, she’s not even allowed to leave the room to go to the playroom or even just take a walk around the hallway.

It's too bad that she's still in the Pediatric unit because we received tickets to attend a circus on Sunday.  We were fully expecting her to be back to Rusk by now and to be able to take a day pass and see the circus.  But instead, we'll be taking Annalise and Nathaniel to the circus and Isabella will have to stay in her room.

Her third cycle of chemo will start a week from this Saturday on February 7.  Sometime next week, before the start of cycle 3, they will perform a stem cell harvest on Isabella. In a stem cell harvest, they will pump Isabella's blood through a special filter which removes and stores the stem cells then pumps the blood back into her.  The process can take 3-4 days.  The stem cells that they collect will then be frozen and saved until the 5th chemo cycle.  During the 5th chemo cycle, they give Isabella an extremely high dose of chemo which actually destroys her bone marrow.  At that time, they will reinject her stem cells back into her so that it helps regenerate her bone marrow.  She could take up to 3-8 weeks to regenerate her bone marrow, and that time will probably be the most dangerous period during this whole chemo treatment.

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  1. Amazing that her own stem cells can be taken out and given back.

    I'm sorry Isabella won't be able to leave to go to the circus but I am so happy that you will be taking Annalise and Nathaniel. I hope both Julianne and Roneil can go too. As much as I know Isabella needs one of you with her, you both need time with your other kids and to laugh and smile...and eat some good Circus junk food!

    Have fun!! ~E


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