Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

It looks like we got those hats just in time. Today, the giant clump of hair that was still hanging on to the top of Isabella’s head by a few strands finally fell off. Isabella had been asking for the last few days when her hair would fall out because what was left was really scratchy and bugging her. She kept scratching it and flipping it around until it finally just fell off. There’s still a few stubborn strands on her head that didn’t fall out, and I even see a few new stubs of hair already growing back.

What fell out is all still in one giant clump that Julianne has kept and will store. It sounds weird and it looks really creepy, but we hear that people’s hair sometimes comes back differently after chemotherapy – maybe straighter or curlier, or a slightly different shade of color. So this way, we’ll have something to compare to.

Isabella isn’t fazed one bit. She saw herself in the mirror and we took a bunch of pictures (as usual, it took a lot of work to finally get some pictures of her smiling!)

On our side though, it’s just another reminder of the reality of the disease that we’re battling. Before, she looked like she was just sporting a rebellious mohawk. But now, she definitely looks like one of those kid cancer patients on TV. We also now get a really good look at the incision scar left behind and see just how big an area they had to cut to remove the tumor. And even though I may get sad when I look at her now, it only lasts for a few seconds, because she’ll smile or laugh and that makes me smile.


  1. With hair, without or frown...your middle child is BEAUTIFUL! ~E

  2. I look at those pictures and I see a beautiful little girl. :o)
    You had beautiful hair, but now I see that you have a beautiful HEAD, too!
    Fight on, Isabella!
    Grandma and I love you very much.

  3. Tell Isabella I think she looks beautiful!
    I miss you guys,
    Love, Donna

  4. Isabella, you look ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!


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