Thursday, January 1, 2009


One of Isabella's favorite gamea to play here in the hospital is
Super-Duper-Shmooper-Fooper-Cooper-Hooper-8's. It's the same as Crazy 8's, but Isabella didn't want to call it that because it might hurt
the 8's feelings to be called crazy! :)

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  1. Hi Isabella,
    We are so sorry to hear that you have brain cancer, and you are sick. It must not feel very good to have to go to the hospital. We will say a prayer for you and your family every night. We hope you get better each Super-Duper-Shmooper-Fooper-Cooper-Hooper day!!! Your life is very precious!!!
    We love you, April, Roxanne, and Douglas Gall

  2. Hi Isabella, such a beautiful name, for a beautiful child..I am the mother of a nurse friend of your mother's, at Bridgeport Hospital. She sent me your story in AZ, where I live and am happy you are doing well. I will pray for you to a St.Therese, who heals souls, and in fact healed my husband, Peter, who had a glioblastoma and surgery 14 1/2 years ago. He is doing very well and is even working for the first time in that many years. WE both will pray to St.Therese for you and your loving family and friends. YOU must just enjoy each day and "bug" off the bad days!!
    God bless you all
    Mimi DeBona (Lissa Cast's mom)


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