Sunday, December 28, 2008

Isabella Doing Much Better

Well after a few hours of worry for us, Isabella has been doing much better today. After yesterday's events, which Julianne blogged, Isabella had been feeling pretty crummy and hadn't eaten or drank anything. She also had a really bad nose bleed early this morning, which left a pretty big clot that's blocking her left nostril. But today, I brought Annalise, Nathaniel, and Grandpa in to visit Isabella and she started feeling better and better as the day went on. I'm not sure if it was the visitors or the medicine kicking in, but Isabella started eating and drinking a little and even played more cards with everyone. Her temperature and blood pressure have also been good, so now we're just waiting on tomorrow's blood tests to make sure that she is recovering from this last dose of chemo.

Even more exciting is that she has slowly been opening her right hand more and more. Up till now, she has been able to move her right arm and hand, but not really able to open her fingers to be able to grasp anything. She would use her left hand to open her right hand. She started doing it at home on Christmas day once in a while, but today, she's been really working at it, opening and closing her hand 10 to 20 times in a row. Her thumb and pointer finger still need a little work, but she should be able to get them to work with some therapy and more time.

And yes, hopefully, we should have some of the Christmas pictures up soon. I'm just waiting to gather them from all the cameras that were present.

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  1. Dear Icatar Family,
    I am glad Isabella was able to come home for Christmas! God bless all of you and Isabella with a Christmas miracle! We are adding to the prayer circle and watching for her progress! Thank you for your postings and I pray you have a Happy New Year!
    Love, Pat Postiglione


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