Sunday, January 4, 2009

Some Pictures and a Video

Not much new stuff to report today, but we do have a couple pictures and a video.

Here are me, Annalise, and Isabella in our Yankees hats.

Isabella doesn't seem to be bothered at all about her hair falling out.

Finally, here is a video of Isabella playing a lap harp that she received from her grandparents for Christmas.


  1. Roneil,

    I was just surfin the web when I clicked on EJ's link and found your blog on his site. I am shocked by the news and rest assured that our prayers are with Isabella and the rest of your family.

    Our youngest brother succumbed to brain tumor when he was 11. I can simply imagine what you are going thru as a father. Isabella's a precious angel to have in this world!

    Over Christmas, we were making plans for our annual summer vacation and we narrowed down our choices to go to the East Coast to visit NY and other relatives within the vicinity. We missed you before when we passed by Stamford, hopefully we'll do better next time. Our daughter Isalene (Isa as we call her) is eagerly delighted to play with your kids.

    We pray that all goes well. Don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything we can do for you.

    Ramon and family.
    (650) 740-5117 work cell
    (707) 557-4075 home

  2. Isabella,

    Just wanted to let you and your family know, that our prayers are with you.

    We miss you, and we're eagerly waiting for your speedy recovery.

    Keep Smiling, Laughing, and Fighting!!!


    The Rene's


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