Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chemo Cycle 2 Begins

They just administered the Vincristine and the Carboplatin will be
dripping for the next 4 hours. After that, she will take the Temodar
pills. Isabella has been able to swallow placebo pills over the last couple
days so hopefully she'll be able to do it now that it counts. It's
really sad that a child so young has to learn how to swallow a pill.

Isabella has had a really good couple of days. She's been in a great
mood and participating in all the activities. She's walking great and
flexing her right hand. Her appettite has been picking up, which is
key since she'll probably lose it again within the next couple days.
Also, one of the possible side effects of the chemo is loss of
hearing, but a test 2 days ago shows Isabella still has perfect

Right now, the whole family is here at the hospital. It really is
heart warming to see all the kids together laughing and playing.
Julianne also took Annalise to get their nails done for a little
bonding time together.

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