Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frustrations Setting In

It has now been three weeks since we first discovered Isabella's brain tumor, and what started out as a whirlwind has slowed to a frustrating crawl.

First of all, Isabella has been moved three times in the last three weeks (with one more back to rehab later this week). We already know that she has adjustments issues every time she moves to a new place, but she seemed extra frustrated on this last move from Rehab back to the Pediatric floor after her operation to put the port in her chest. She really has not been making much progress with her right hand, and she hasn't tried to walk since the operation since she's been sore. Not to mention that she's lost a few days of rehab because of the operation.

Secondly, the back and forth from Connecticut to New York City is beginning to take its toll. Juliannne and I haven't been together at home for three weeks since one of us has been staying at the hospital every night. We've been eating a lot of New York pizza and cafeteria food. Our parents and in-laws have done a great job keeping things patched together at home, but we feel bad basically neglecting Annalise and Nathaniel.

Finally, it's extremely frustrating to still not be sure what this thing is in Isabella's head and not being able to do anything about it. The delays in getting the pathology results and the second/third opinions is really driving us nuts. But although we do wish we could start treatment, we do want to make sure that we are treating the right thing with the proper method. In a way, it could be a good thing that Isabella had the fever that delayed the chemo, because it allowed us to get the second opinion.


  1. Hello Icatar Family,

    Please know that all of us at Marvin and pulling and praying for you. Say the word and we will be there for anything -

    We think of you everyday,

    With love and hugs for ALL of you,

    Marybeth Darcy

  2. Dear Julianne, Roniel, Annalise, Isabella & Nathaniel,

    My family and I heard the news only this past Monday. You are such a wonderful family, and we just want you to know that every day we will be thinking of you and praying for you. I am absolutely in awe of how you were able to take such swift action in getting Isabella the best treatment available, having your family photo taken, etc. under such extreme stress. Marissa misses Isabella at school and sends hugs and kisses. If we could help with meals or babysitting, or whatever, please let us know. Maybe Annalise would like to play with Stephanie and Marissa one day after school. Please call anytime at (203)642-4918.


    Anne Marie Walsh & Family


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