Saturday, December 13, 2008

Chemo Begins

Isabella just received the first dose of chemotherapy at 5:10 PM. One of the medications was a straight push through the port, and the other is a 4 hour drip that will finish shortly after 9 PM. Then at 8 or so, a third medication will be given orally. We will do the same thing tomorrow night, then hopefully, go back to rehab at Rusk on Monday.

Here's an inspirational scene from Lord of the Rings and hope that the remaining tumor cells are treated how the orcs are treated.


  1. Hi Roneil,
    I'm your Dad's cousin from Aklan, Phils. but now living in Toronto, Canada. You will have our constant thoughts & prayers throughout this ordeal. We pray for Isabella's speedy recovery. You & Julianne have been blest with such an amazing & beautiful children. Take Care & God bless. Victoria (

  2. Hi Dr.Icatar,I've been following the blog on Isabella.You and your whole family are in my thoughts and prayers daily.Your family pictures are beautiful.
    Much Love Cindy Carriero L&D

  3. Wow - that was a powerful image - easy to imagine the chemo doing its work! Still praying here - hugs to you all

  4. Dear Roneil, Julianne, Annalise, Nathaniel and Isabella,
    I just found out about your blog today. Thank you for taking time to share with all the people who care so much for you and Isabella. I was happy to meet your Mom when she brought Annalise to class. You are an amazing and beautiful family! There are many Parishes and groups holding you in prayer and your Parish is ready to help at any time! Please know that we are here. God bless you and keep you for a quick recovery! Love, Pat Postiglione


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