Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Followup MRI Results

We were hoping that the followup MRI would show what we had hoped: the Dr. Wisoff had extracted all of the brain tumor from Isabella and we would be done with all this. When we reviewed the MRI with Dr. Wisoff, he gave us the good news that Isabella's brain was already shifting back to normal and that there was no additional swelling or immediate cause for concern. Unfortunately, he saw some areas where he believed the tumor had infiltrated Isabella's brain stem that needed further testing.

This was not good.

Dr. Wisoff initially thought that the malignant tumor was either a PNET or a glioma. Neither have a very good prognosis, but the PNET can be treated using chemotherapy with success rates from 60 to 80%. On the other hand, a glioma may or may not be treatable and the patient usually only lives for another year or so.

Initial tests on the tumor ruled out a PNET, which caused our hopes to sink even more. Dr. Wisoff suggested that we not worry about it until we know for sure, but it's extremely difficult to function knowing how dire the outlook is. I guess the best we can do is savor every minute we have and still hope for the best.

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