Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baseball Season 2013

It’s hard to think about baseball season when Blizzard Nemo dropped two feet of snow on us, but the Major League’s pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training camp this week.  And that means that my teams here in CT will be starting up practice soon too.

To honor Isabella, I’ll be doing a bunch of things for her on the field (besides trying not to hurt myself).  I’ll be changing my number to 11, which sorta looks like Isabella’s initials.  I’ll also be wearing purple (her favorite color) and gold (the color for pediatric cancer awareness) as much as I can with wristbands and ribbons and what not.

But probably the most dramatic look will be my new bat, courtesy of Mr. Pete Tucci of Tucci Lumber Co.  I previously wrote about his bats in a previous post.  Anyway, here are the bats.  Don’t they look great?


Don’t forget to check out his website if you’re looking for a bat!


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