Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

P1080528Nathaniel gives his big sister a kiss.


Faithful readers of Isabella’s Fight are painfully aware of pediatric cancer and the real effects that it has on a family.  Unfortunately, overall awareness is relatively low, especially compared with other adult cancers.  Fortunately, this summer, President Obama signed a bill that gives the pharmaceuticals some incentives to develop some newer and better treatments for our children.  What they develop remains to be seen, but it’s an improvement, considering that a measly 1% of research goes to children, which is disgusting.

Please take a minute to review some of the childhood cancer facts in the poster below (borrowed from Gold: The New Pink Facebook page).  Four years ago, we never thought we’d be in this situation.  Cancer was what happened to other people.  But here we are.kids_cancer_facts

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