Friday, January 27, 2012

Join Justin’s Fight

Back in 2010, we visited Camp Sunshine which is a place where families with sick children go to get away for a week.  They have “theme” weeks, so we went during brain tumor week and met many other families that are going through everything that we are going through.  During the week we met a couple other families that had a similar tumor that Isabella has and sorta bonded with them since we all had very similar stories to tell.  My favorite memories from that week were sitting around an impromptu camp fire with them, roasting marshmallows, and making (what else?) s’mores.  My not-so-favorite moment was singing karaoke with them in front of all the other parents, but that speaks more to my lack-of-talent, rather than the fun (which it was)!


Unfortunately, since that time, one of the boys in our group has already died.  Another boy, Justin, recently relapsed and is undergoing further treatments.  It breaks my heart to see another family going through what we have been going through recently, but at the same time, seeing their strength is uplifting and inspirational.  On some days, I barely have enough energy to make it through the day, but somehow, this family is holding events and fundraisers to raise awareness and build a community and support structure around Justin.

Since Julianne is part of a bunch of support forums online and we get news alerts from anything brain tumor related, we are constantly hearing of other children fighting for their lives or losing their battle.  But it’s different when you actually know the people being affected.  Sure, we only met for a week, but it was enough to establish an emotional connection and reinforce to us that we’re not alone or the only ones fighting.

If you have a few moments, I urge you to visit their Facebook page (Join Justin’s Fight) and maybe drop a word of encouragement, as many of you have done with Isabella.

You can also read up about them with some recent news articles.

Vineland boy battles brain cancer for second time

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