Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Unexpected Field Trip to NYC

I was also thinking of titling this blog post “Did I Jinx It?”.  Yesterday, I posted about how well Isabella has been doing, but today, she woke up vomiting and breathing weirdly.  After about an hour or so, she settled down and was able to get back to sleep and breathed normally, but this little episode got us upset.  Since her tumor is in an area that affects her breathing, we immediately suspected that the tumor had grown to a critical mass that her breathing was being affected.  Isabella was originally planning on going on a field trip with her class today.  Instead, we called our doctor and made plans to go into NYC to have her looked at.

Surprisingly, Isabella started feeling better on the way to NYC and actually felt pretty good when we got to the children's clinic.  She even smiled for the nurses and cooperated with no complaints as they took her vitals.  Since she hasn’t eaten or drank much the last couple of days, they also hydrated her and checked her blood counts.

When we finally met the doctor, she also commented on how good Isabella looked.  She was expecting her to look much worse with how we had described her breathing and vomiting.  She thinks the breathing episode is probably tumor related.  If the existing treatments don’t work at curbing the tumor growth, eventually, Isabella’s brain will tell her to stop breathing and she’ll die.  It won’t be a sudden thing, but maybe something that will deteriorate over the course of several days or weeks.

Was this the start of that?  We won’t know for several days (or maybe even weeks), but we’ll be watching her closely to look for signs.  In the meantime, we’ll continue with the low dose chemo treatments until we’re sure they’re not effective or if they begin causing more harmful side effects.

So right now, Isabella is sitting on my lap and watching Toy Story 3.  These are the moments that I want to enjoy at the time, instead of worrying about the uncertain future.


  1. Hi guys,

    You may have already looked into this but there is an ipad app that changes text to voice. A second grader in Kendall School that cannot speak uses it to participate in class. Let me know if you would like the name of the app, I am friends with the girls teacher and can get the info for you.

    Suzy Buffone

  2. Jonah was asking about Isabella this week. She and your entire family are always on our minds and in our prayers. Here's hoping for a wonderful holiday season at home and surrounded by family instead of hospital staff.



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