Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Post of Christmas Past

One of our Christmas traditions is that we buy a new ornament every year with our names on it.  I guess eventually our tree will just be covered with only our custom ornaments commemorating all the years.  So join me on a trip back in time as we visit our ornaments of Christmas past, and as a bonus, I’ll reveal our brand new 2011 ornament! Smile
Self explanatory, the one that started it all, circa 1997

Our first Christmas in Norwalk in 2001

Isabella's first Christmas in 2003


Our cat, Cleo, gets a spot on the ornament in 2006

I couldn't find our 2007 ornament, so here is 2008 with everyone on it

We went with the penguin theme in 2009

Last year's ornament

Here is our 2011 ornament!

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