Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Update–Slow, Steady Improvement

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Isabella had an even better day today.  She ate and drank a lot more, spoke a ton, and even walked around a bit, which is yet another thing she hadn’t been doing for a couple days.  Although she continued to have headaches early in the day, she did not require as much morphine today as she did yesterday, so hopefully this means that the pressure is steadily being relieved in her head.

She also had a bunch of visitors as her brother and sister and all grandparents came by to visit for the day.  We tried to get her to take a nap before they got here, but she didn’t.  It didn’t matter though, because she made it through the day with them, which included watching movies and playing in the playroom. 

We also don’t know when we’ll be going home yet,  although we’re pretty sure it won’t be on Sunday.  Due to the high doses of steroids she is receiving to relieve the pressure in her head, we can’t just suddenly stop the steroids all of a sudden.  She will need to be weaned off them over time.  But before then, our doctors will need to evaluate her to make sure that she is headed in the right direction before they let us go home.  In my not-so-professional opinion, she is headed in the right direction, so hopefully we can go home early next week.

Before I let you go, here is a picture of Isabella with Annalise and Nathaniel catching Isabella doing what she hasn’t been doing a lot lately – smiling!  The kids were watching a movie and would not cooperate , that is until I offered them each a dollar to smile for the picture!

Isabella has some special visitors in the hospital!


  1. A wonderful picture of beautiful smiles.... prayers continue for Isabella and your family. GOD IS GREAT and don't stop believing in a miracle!

  2. So wonderful to see these beautiful children and their dazzling smiles! Prayers are a powerful thing.




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